Our tutorials are easy to follow, they include step by step instructions and techniques.  Tutorials will be sent to your email as a PDF file .

You may already have many of the materials used, they are inexpensive and easy to obtain through major shopping stores, local crafts stores or online stores. 

This unique system will take you straight to the hands-on process of making your first plumpy foam doll. Once you complete it, you will have a solid idea of how these wonderful dolls are created. You can get inspired and start making your own designs!

Don’t waste more time and go straight to the hands-on process. Learn to hand-craft your very own plumpy foam doll in an easy way!

Here are some of the things included in the content:

  • PDF tutorial showing you step by step process, making it super easy to follow along.
  • Get access to secret tips and techniques to increase your productivity and to maximize your work and quality.
  • Picture of all the tools you will need.
  • List of all supplies.
  • Simple explanations of every step.
  • Printable color template you can use over and over.
  • Learn the exact techniques that have worked for a skilled and experienced plumpy foam doll maker.