People love them because they are adorable, cute, unique, funny, happy, and interesting. They have become an original way to earn money too, so let’s learn from one of the best plumpies foam dolls makers! We REVEAL the top techniques that will increase your productivity!

You will have the reward and satisfaction to see the happy faces of those who you give a plumpy to. People love them! It is more rewarding because you hand-crafted it yourself.

If you love crafts and would like to do something very cool and different, plumpies are for you!

It is a funniest and cutest way to make your Own 3D Craft Foam Dolls!!!!

This is why it is super cool to craft them:

  • They make wonderful gifts for people of ALL AGES and can be gifted at ANY occasion bringing a smile and spreading joy and love to others.
  • Once your first doll is created, you will not be able to stop creating more!
  • You can create your own style and tons of different characters only limited by your imagination!